Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson

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Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson Empty Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson

Message par jmtiger3 le Ven 11 Juin 2010 - 16:11

Voici quelques extraits (trouvés sur la toile) du livre de George Knudson : "Natural Golf Swing".

Knudson avait une des meilleures frappe de balle de tous les temps, d'après Nicklaus, Hogan, et Trevino ...

Il y a matière à réflexion (cela serait passionnant d'en parler ici ...) :

"The Natural Golf Swing"

Hogan said George had the most
Hogan like swing of any player ever

"I exchanged the idea of
hitting the ball for swinging through it toward the target."

flagpole helped me think of the swing as a pure, uninterrupted, and
uninhibited move in which I would have no sensation of a hit. It was
as if I were studying KARATE and I wanted to move THROUGH the target.
Why should I let the ball stop the motion? The ball simply gets in
the way of the motion. We swing as a unit, our hands, arms and club
through the ball toward our target while focusing on the target. The
ball will sit in the path of the clubhead if the ball is in the right

"You cannot change effectively
unless you have a clear image of what you are trying to do"

"I noticed every player who
struck the ball well maintained the same firmness in the left wrist
at the completion of the swing as was established in the Starting
Position. The wrists don't break down, as Tommy Bolt called
flippy-wristed kids stuff.

"I had no idea that to maintain
firm wrists was to properly use my legs. I ignored footwork also
because I was stuck on golf's number one misconception ... keep the
head still. I later learned that the head has to go where the body
carries it. The head has nothing to do with the golf swing, the head
has no purpose in the swing"

"It didn't take me long to
realize that it was far better to let my legs lead the downswing. The
only way to maintain the formation of the hands is the start the
downswing with the legs. To keep the hands passive you must get the
legs moving"

"When we walk, we transfer
weight from foot to foot. In the golf swing, same thing, we move away
from the ball as weight transfers to our right side, then we move
through the ball to our target transfering to out left side."

"If we swing with our hands and arms alone, we
swing with less than a full deck".

"Footwork is so important, if
we move our legs, the rest of our body moves. Harvey Penick told me,
Son, if you are going to play this game for a living, you'd better
learn how to use your legs."

"Hogan was dead solid flat on
his left foot at finish. How he achieved this was quite elementary,
he took a very wide stance"

"I learned that distance comes
from the pace at which we transfer weight from the back foot to the
front foot. The faster I do this the more clubhead speed I will

"I alter the plane to change
curvature or ball flight by moving the feet. I realized an important
factor concerning Hogan's placement of his left foot. He used the
left foot to establish a stopping point in the swing. It set up a
resistance in the left knee and hip that would stop him directly on
target. This was a superb way of ensuring direction."

"We move the mass, which is the
hands the arms and club, by moving the body. Power is transmitted
through the body to the clubhead. We move the mass through weight
transfer and rotation"

"The central point in the swing
motion is the trunk of a golfer's body, specifically a point around
his navel. The golf swing rotates around this central point as we
move our weight from the center to the right foot or first pivot
point in the motion, and then onto the left foot, or the second pivot

"Centrifugal force is powerful.
It pulls the golf club outward and downward as the player moves
toward the target. CF generates a feeling.. we control the club by
controlling the center. The inner controls the center."

"The swing motion is a means of
connecting a starting position to a finishing position. The key word
is connecting. The weight is transfered while rotating the club
AROUND the trunk of your body. The golf swing is a rotary motion"

"Balance governs the swing
motion. The better our balance, the better our chances are at
producing a fluid swing motion. The essence of the natural golf
swing, then, entails connecting a starting position to finishing
position. Seen as a total motion, the swing is not complicated. There
is no need to break the swing down into 1001 components. The swing is
better understood as a sequence of movements."

"Athletic Champions are in
balance, it is the characteristics of elite athletes. When I speak of
balance, I speak of complete balance of mind, body and emotion as
well. A golf swing that is in balance must incorporate this
comprehensive idea. A golfer who knows what he is trying to do will
have mental balance. It isn't so much what we do, as what we attempt
to do that counts."

"The golfer who has a clear
conception of the swing motion will be able to ward off the insults
the game brings. The golfer who has procedures to follow won't be
buffeted by emotion. Anxiety is due to lack of awareness. Knowledge
breed confidence and calmness. The relaxed golfer can play the game
and accept it's ups and downs"

"My goal is to find a way to
avoid forcing myself to do anything in the golf swing. I don't want
to make my left arm straight, nor do I want to lock my head into a
rigid position. I don't want to make things happen. I want to let
things happen. I want things to happen naturally from a starting
position to a finishing position."

"Dynamic Balanced golfer is
centered and balanced while in motion. "A dynamic balance golfer
moves efficiently as one aspect of the motion flows smoothly into the

"There is a feeling of being
ready, and impression of strength, like a boxer or tae-kwon-do
expert. It seems you couldn't budge them, the are so stable. Like a
cat ready to pounce, you can sense the energy coursing through their
bodies. With the starting position we are setting you up to make an
aggressive move, an athletic move, one full of purpose and

"The more vividly we can
imagine the target, the more intensely will we react to it. The more
clearly you can fix your destination in your mind, the more easily
will you reach your objective. The target awareness takes your mind
off the ball and puts it where it belongs, out there in space"

"We must find a position for
the left foot so that we will be standing on it at finish. We
practice positioning the left foot so that it sets up a resistance in
the left knee and hip."

"You must place the left foot
outside the left shoulder so you will finish with your weight upon
your left foot. Balance is the reason I advocate a wide stance. It
allows you also to finish flat on the left foot. The idea made sense
to me after I saw Ben Hogan, and I worked to achieve that

"I had the habit of rolling over to
the outside of my left foot. That habit was so ingrained that it took
me a year and a half of practice until I could finish solidly on my
left foot everytime"

"We must accept one important
factor. Every person had his own alignment that hits the ball
straight.. for them. It won't vary much from standard, but it will
deviate from geometric perfection."

"I never get out of bed feeling
the same from day to day. There is a physical variation in the human
structure from day to day"

"How many times have you seen a
well meaning golfer jam a club across his friend's forearm and then
try to shove it underneath his left elbow? It's an outrageous
contortion that creates imbalance. Each individual finds what's
square for him and plays from there."

"Each individual finds what is
square for them, and plays from there. Square to the target for most
golfers is slightly open. Let's not fight it."

"Ball Position, it stands to
reason that we should find a location for the ball that will not vary
from shot to shot."

"The golf swing is one unified
motion. Although it is convenient to divide it into backswing and
downswing, I differ with the idea that these are two separate
actions. They aren't, the unloading motion begins while we are still
in the loading motion."

'The purpose of the loading motion
is to gather energy. We do so by transferring weight to the right
foot, while rotating the body around the trunk. The feet carry the
body. We keep the weight to the inside of the right foot while

"We have completed the loading
motion when approximately seventy five percent of our weight is on
our right side. I say 75 percent because transferring 100 percent we
would lose balance. Loading we rotate 90 degrees, unloading we rotate
180 degrees."

"Centrifugal force will carry
the club a good distance as far as it needs to go. You don't have to
worry about reaching parallel. The loading motion is generally
circular in shape. We simply rotate around our trunk"

"All parts are moving together,
everything is moving in unison."

"Passive hands is not meant to
mean inactive hands. Our hands will be as active as we need them to
be if we let them move along with the rest of our body"

"A golfer can do marvelous
things with his feet. I believe in playing golf through your feet.
Footwork is the VOLUNTARY action that initiates the motion."

On the backswing, feel the ground
under your feet, as we shift weight under the governance of balance,
our hands remain passive. The right elbow folds on the backswing as
long as the hands are passive, with the head moving as it will.

"We begin unloading the power
we have developed while we are still completing the loading motion of
the backswing. Your right arm straightens during unloading from it's
folded position".

"The left elbow folds midway
toward the finishing position, as the heaviness in the mass pulls you
along and around to face the target".

"I want to stress the
importance of evaluating your finishing form. Many Golfers pay some
attention to their starting form but few have a good look at the
finishing form. They think that because the ball has been struck, the
swing is over."

"It's not what you do that
counts, it's what you attempt to do that counts."

"Every golf swing you evaluate
is an opportunity gained, every swing you don't is an opportunity

"Golf is full of
misconceptions. This is the result of the majority of golf
instruction ignores the aspect of motion"

"Gene Sarazen once told me that
when he swings, his thought is "I ride through the ball"

"The head goes where the body
takes it. The head moves as we displace weight while loading and
unloading during the swing.
Back and forth, up and down, wherever
it wants. Also, the idea of straight back straight through is not
geometrically possible because of the pitch of the plane, the club
most travel on a circular route. By all means swing longer, but with
your body and not your hands. A golfer reaching parallel at the top
is not necessarily making an effective motion"

"Concentrate on activating the
lower body and power will surge from the legs through the hips,
trunk, upper chest, shoulders, arms and out to the clubhead. This is
the natural sequence you set into motion via footwork."

"By all means swing longer, but
with your body not your hands. The golfer who has reached parallel at
the top of the backswing has not necessarily made an effective swing

Lee Trevino said this about

"George was one of the greatest ball strikers
I had ever seen. If George had been the putter that Tom Watson was or
I was, George would have won every tournament he played in. George
was fantastic when it came to striking golf balls."


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Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson Empty Re: Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson

Message par Rea le Sam 12 Juin 2010 - 21:49

Comme Moe Norman, il était réputé comme étant l'un des meilleurs frappeurs de balle. Il était aussi canadien et il est bizarre que les 2 meilleurs frappeurs de balle de tous les temps lui et Moe Norman n'aient pas pu gagner plus de tournois ou un tournoi Majeur.

L'image est mauvaise mais on voit bien qu'il fait un demi backswing et qu'à la reprise d'appui l'inertie du mouvement lui fait faire un 3/4 backswing. Comme il le dit si bien, il n'y a pas un backswing et un downswing ... mais un seul mouvement:


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Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson Empty Re: Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson

Message par Invité le Jeu 1 Déc 2011 - 10:12

Dommage que sont putting n'est pas été à la hauteur de son swing. Moe Norman et lui, faisaient des parcours d'entrainement avec des paris à la clé. Ils perdaient de l'argent s'ils rataient le F.I.R ou le G.I.R et il y avait un bonus (100$ de mémoire) quand ils touchaient le mât.


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Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson Empty Re: Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson

Message par Folgan le Jeu 1 Déc 2011 - 14:49

un bel hommage cii

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Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson Empty Re: Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson

Message par Christophe le Sam 3 Jan 2015 - 12:44

Belle imitation de Hogan en plus grand. Par contre, le putting !!!

pour les passionnés :

"tourné aux Bermudes"... en anglais "in Bermuda", ça fait très...
Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson Th?id=HN.607990425466504145&pid=1
François Damiens...

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Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson Empty Re: Réflexion sur le swing, par George Knudson

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